STEM Middle School

Coming Fall 2019 - STEM Middle School

BCPS is opening a new STEM Middle School in fall 2019. It will begin with sixth grade only and expand by one grade per year through eighth grade. It will be housed in the east wing (the 1100 wing) of the Battle Creek Central High School building.

STEM — which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics — is our nation’s fastest-growing career field according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. At STEM Middle, students will experience hands-on project-based learning to help them develop engineering mindsets, design thinking and research skills.

A STEM-focused education not only teaches valuable hard skills that prepare students for higher education and careers in STEM industries, it also imparts intellectual and analytical skills that will help students succeed in thinking creatively and innovating in the face of challenges. Students will learn to question, reflect and inquire through real problem-based lessons.


60 student spots will be available for sixth graders in the fall of 2019. Enrollment will be open to all current fifth grade students. Applications will become available in late February or early March and a wait list will be used to process any back fills of spots that become open during enrollment. There is no required entry testing.

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